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The Impact of Your Donations: Let’s Change Lives

At Joey’s Journeys, your donations are more than just financial contributions; they are lifelines that bring joy and transformative experiences to children with disabilities and their families. Since February 2024, we have raised close to $1,000 and are working towards our first goal of $1,500. Your generosity helps us overcome travel challenges, provide essential support, and create inclusive adventures. Together, we are making a world of difference, one smile at a time. Join us in our mission by donating today at For feedback and suggestions, visit Thank you for your support!

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2024 Most Inspirational Athlete Award

🎉🏆 Exciting News! Joey has won the 2024 Most Inspirational Athlete Award at the Special Olympics Texas state track meet! 🏅 His hard work and determination are truly inspiring. Let’s celebrate Joey’s incredible achievement and support his mission to create lasting memories for the Special Needs community. 🌟 #JoeysJourneys #SpecialOlympics #Inspiration #AutismAchievement #Inclusivity

Visit Joey’s Journeys to learn more and join the celebration!

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